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Member Resources

Online Giving

You can click below to give to this work. Please note there is a 1% fee to donate via bank draft and 3% to donate via credit card. These are the fees we are charged to process the donation. You don’t have to elect to cover the fee, but please note that it will be deducted from your gift amount.

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Member Resources

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Worship Assignments for February 2021

If you are unable to serve, please find someone to take your place.
Elder to Contact for Needs in February: Paul Williams, Jr.

Audio/Video: Will Spurlin
Alternate: Clint Richey

Security: Daniel Warren
Alternate: Norman Rutland

Scripture Reading

  • February 7: Matt Trousdale
  •   February 14: Stephen King
  •   February 21: Paul Kirby
  •   February 28: Walden Schlundt

Opening Prayer

  • February 7: Drew Spivey
  •   February 14: Joel Abbott
  •   February 21: Merv Prince
  •   February 28: Jonathan Weimer


  • February 7: Steve Cotney
  •   February 14: Wes Blankenship
  •   February 21: Jerry Culbertson
  •   February 28: Eddie Sankey


  • February 7: Carl Logan
  • February 14: Paul Williams, Jr.
  • February 21: Jimmy Lyles
  • February 28: Harold Rhodes

Closing Prayer

  • February 7: Kyle Bedgood
  • February 14: Nolan Williams
  • February 21: Torrey Clark
  • February 28: Chad Blackmon